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VirgoSixth sign of zodiac is Virgo. Symbol of Virgo is a girl sitting in a boat. Virgo signifies fertility and production. Virgo is also referred as House of service, work and health. Sixth house of zodiac sign incorporates personal integrity and work ethic.

  • The positive features of Virgo are their shyness, tidy, analytical, intelligent, practical and meticulous.

  • On the other hand, negative features of Virgo are fussiness, harsh, fastidious, conventional, finicky and conservative.

  • The major likings of Virgo are hygiene, precision, healthy food and detailing.

  • The major dislikes of Virgo are squalor and health hazards.

Virgo Male

  • Virgo males are quite curious about females.

  • Virgo males are quite career oriented. They hate wasting money and take adequate care about their budget.

  • Virgo males are quite concerned about wealth. They are quite curious by nature and love to know details.

  • Virgo males are overprotective about their spouse. They almost act like a father figure with their partners.

  • Before committing any relationship, Virgo males ensure about the longevity of the relationship.

  • Virgo males are quite supportive, reliable, loyal and protective.

Virgo Female

  • Idea of Virgo females about man in their life is quite superficial.

  • Cleanliness is another major factor of Virgo females.

  • Virgo females look out for practical and ambitious partner.

  • Virgo females usually get married late in their life. They are quite choosy about their partner.

  • Virgo females become more attractive during their middle years.

  • Virgo females have great maternal instinct. They are considered one of the most devoted wife and mother.

  • Virgo females are quite intellectual and have art of language.

  • Alertness is another major feature of Virgo females.

Love life of Virgo

  • Virgo often conceals their emotions, as they do not trust others.

  • Male Virgo often appears effeminate due to their dignity and charm.

  • Virgo natives are ideal partners for getting married. They are great spouses as well as parents.

  • Virgo natives are considered best subordinates as compare to leaders.

Physical Appearance of Virgo

  • Virgo natives are usually charming and graceful. They have striking features and are exceptionally attractive.

  • Virgo natives have round head and strong face. Eyes of Virgo are considered soulful.

  • Eyebrows of Virgo are usually thin, fine and well shaped.

  • Simple outfits look best on Virgo natives.

  • Hair of Virgo natives are usually light or dark.

Lucky Charms of Virgo

  • Lucky Number: 5

  • Lucky Color: Blue

  • Lucky Flower: Pansy

  • Lucky Day: Wednesday

  • Lucky Gemstones: Jade, Carnelian, Diamond, Jasper, Aquamarine, Olivine and Tourmaline

  • Lucky Metal: Nickel and Quicksilver


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