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TaurusThe second zodiac sign is Taurus. Symbol of Taurus is bull. It is known for strength and power. Taurus is quite possessive about the material comfort. Taurus has likings for all good things. Values and principle are the keywords of this zodiac sign. In the matter of taking decisions, it is a little slower. Major features of Taurus are practicality and security.

  • Positive features of Taurus are its reliability, practicality, strong-will, affectionate, trustworthy and persistent.

  • Negative features of Taurus are their laziness, jealousy, being too possessive, boring, stubborn and greedy.

  • Stability, luxury, comfort, permanency are the major likings of Taurus. On the other hand, staying indoor, rushing, disruption or breaking the routine are major dislikes of Taurus.

Taurus Male

  • Taurus male is usually practical and short tempered. They are great lovers, caring husband and affectionate father.

  • Materialistic by nature. Taurus men are known for great knowledge of financial details.

  • To attain rewards, Taurus men works eventually hard.

  • Women always have an admiration for Taurus males. Moreover, they are easily manageable.

  • Taurus males are known for their loyalty and trustworthiness.

  • Taurus men are little shy and introvert. They considered their women equivalent to princess.

Taurus Female

  • Taurus women can make anyone happy and delighted. They have great likings for delicious food, along with restaurants.

  • Taurus women are great homemakers and have a great understanding for material requirements.

  • Taurus female spend accordingly. If Taurus female has committed once then she will be faithful and loyal throughout her life.

  • Taurus female has an intense desire to succeed in life and is quite independent.

  • Taurus female is pure romantic and is quite artistic and good-natured. Taurus females are usually considered the most magnetic and attractive of all other zodiac sign females.

Love life of Taurus

  • If you are looking for some ideal romantic person then simply go for Taurus.

  • Taurus males are usually caring and consistent. They love their family a lot.

  • Anger and jealousy are the major negative traits of Taurus men. But, Taurus men are usually loyal to their friends.

  • When the Taurus is in love, he/she will be loyal, dedicated, protective, understanding, stable and caring.

  • Taurus also incorporates certain negative features in love, such as jealous, possessive, immobile and control.

  • Taurus also incorporates certain negative features in love, such as jealous, possessive, immobile and control.

Physical Appearance of Taurus

  • Taurus natives are usually robust and have healthy appearance. They are usually of medium height or below average.

  • Their body structure is usually stocky, thick and squarish.

  • Ears of Taurus are quite small with a round chin. Neck of Taurus is quite short, sturdy and thick.

Lucky Charms of Taurus

  • Lucky Number: 6

  • Lucky Color: Green

  • Lucky Flower: Violet

  • Lucky Day: Friday

  • Lucky Gemstones: Sapphire, Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Moss Agate, Jade and Opal

  • Lucky Metal: Copper


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