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SagittariusNinth sign of zodiac is Sagittarius. Symbol of Sagittarius is bow and arrow. It is one of the most optimistic and lively sign. Sagittarius is known for their energy and adventure. They are frank, friendly and extrovert by nature. People admire your good judgment.

  • Major positive features of Sagittarius are honesty, outspoken and curiosity for things around you.

  • Sagittarius does not want to take responsibilities. They are quite fickle minded, temperamental, and self centered.

  • Comfort, luxury, freedom, honesty are loved by Sagittarius.

  • Sagittarius hates dull circumstances or people. They simply dislike possessiveness, jealousy, control, laziness and routine.

Sagittarius Male

  • Sagittarius males are free from any kind of malice.

  • Sagittarius male is a great combination of intelligence and wit. This trait of Sagittarius male will be quite helpful during adverse circumstances.

  • Sagittarius males are usually restless. They hate laziness and canít sit idle.

  • Sagittarius males are quite extrovert and talkative. Everyone admires this trait.

  • Sagittarius males are often happy and gregarious. They are usually extravagant.

Sagittarius Female

  • Sagittarius female is quite an outspoken person and loves to live independently.

  • Outspoken bluntness of Sagittarius females often lead to serious misunderstandings.

  • Sagittarius female hates hypocrisy and never care about her reputation.

  • It is often said that Sagittarius females are lacking in sentiments. But, It is a complete misconception. They are also great lovers.

Love life of Sagittarius

  • While looking out for partner, they are a little choosy. They seek for person with good social background and great social status.

  • Sagittarius natives are quite playful and joyful by nature.

  • Sagittarius natives are generous and captivating with their partner.

  • Sagittarius always supports their partner during highs and lows.

  • Sagittarius always looks out for partner with similar likings, such as exploring different places etc.

Physical Appearance of Sagittarius

  • Sagittarius has usually large and well proportioned skull.

  • Sagittarius has quite a high as well as broad forehead.

  • People usually admire Sagittarius features, as they are quite cheerful.

  • Sagittarius natives are usually tall and seem like an athletic.

Lucky Charms of Sagittarius

  • Lucky Number: 5 and 7

  • Lucky Color: Purple

  • Lucky Flower: Pink Tulip

  • Lucky Day: Thursday

  • Lucky Gemstones: Turquoise

  • Lucky Metal: Tin


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