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PiscesTwelfth sign of Zodiac is Pisces. Symbol of Pisces is two fishes. They are one of the most generous, caring and kind-hearted of all. Pisces natives are always worried about others. Loyalty and kindheartedness are the keywords for Pisces. They are not great leaders. On the other hand, they are great followers.

  • Major positive features of Pisces are playful, friendly, open-minded, liberal, benevolent and spontaneous.

  • Major negative features of Pisces are coldness, aloofness, selfish and mean.

  • Pisces usually likes romance, appreciation, stability, sharing dreams and enchantment.

  • Pisces usually dislikes loneliness, no goals, ignorance, harshness, noisy scenes and vulnerable.

Pisces Male

  • Pisces males are known for their firm determination, decision and discipline.

  • Word prejudice does not exist in the dictionary of Pisces men. They never make critical judgment on others.

  • Talking fluently and fast are a few major features of Pisces males.

  • Pisces males are introvert, reclusive, psychic, dreamer and sensitive.

Pisces Female

  • Mind of Pisces females is quite unstable.

  • Pisces females keep switching from materialism to spiritualism.

  • One of the major drawbacks of Pisces females is their lack of self-confidence.

  • Pisces females are considered a great planner.

  • Pisces females are highly ambitious and try their best to achieve their goals.

  • Pisces females have a strong wish to visit abroad or certain foreign land.

  • Pisces females are honest and philosophical by nature.

  • Pisces females are always ready to help others.

Love life of Pisces

  • Pisces natives are quite romantic by nature. They always keep dreaming of romance. If their romantic dreams do not come true then it frustrates them.

  • Pisces natives are suspicious for their partners.

  • Pisces natives always take expects their lover to take the first move.

  • Pisces women know how to control their men.

  • Pisces natives are known for having several romantic affairs. Thus, it would be advisable to have control on yourself.

  • You must have control on your dreamy nature. Else, you might face problems in your love life.

Physical Appearance of Pisces

  • Pisces women are usually tall and a little fat.

  • Eyes of Pisces natives are big and protruding.

  • Pisces natives have elastic features with beautiful hands and feet. Hands of Pisces natives are quite fragile,

  • They usually have muscular and spherical shoulders.

  • Pisces natives have wide mouth.

Lucky Charms of Pisces

  • Lucky Number: 1, 3, 4 and 9

  • Lucky Color: Sea green

  • Lucky Flower: Orchid

  • Lucky Day: Friday

  • Lucky Gemstones: Moonstone

  • Lucky Metal: Platinum


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