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LibraLibra is the seventh zodiac sign and the only inanimate sign. It's symbol in scales. Librans are considered as one of most decent zodiac signs as compare to others. Librans are known for their elegance, charm and great taste.

  • Positive features of Libra are their kind-heartedness, gentle nature, great admirers of beauty and work in harmony.

  • Negative features of Libra are that they are not ready to accept criticism. They often show shallowness, flirtatiousness and frivolity.

  • Librans are quite sensitive and very well understand the emotional requirements of their partners.

  • Libra natives have a likings for best things offered by life, sharing and gentleness.

  • Libra does not like violence, injustice and cruelty.

Libra Male

  • Libra males are quite fastidious, but well-balanced in life.

  • Libra males do not like arguments and quarrels. They are quite gentle and courteous by nature.

  • Some of the largest business entrepreneurs are men. They are quite shrewd while dealing in financial or business matters.

  • Libran male is quite ambitious as well as daring. He is usually a self-reliant man.

  • One of the common negative traits found in Libra males is borrowing money. They never give second thoughts of paying the debt off.

Libra Female

  • Keywords to define Libra females are vibrant, vivacious and captivating. They are quite attractive and possess a great smile.

  • Libra females love to have good life. This often causes self-centeredness and laziness.

  • Libra females have a liking for intelligent as well as adventurous spouses.

  • Libra women are quite kind hearted, gentle and refine. Being a social person, they love entertainment and social gathering.

  • Libra women often love to help less fortunate of world. They are quite romantic by nature.

  • Libra females are quite romantic by heart and are great companion.

Love life of Libra

  • Libra natives believe in the institution of marriage.

  • Libra natives do not believe in love at first sight.

  • Sentimental nature of Libran makes them a tender lover. They believe that relationships must be socially approved.

  • Libra females enjoy success of their spouse. She is a perfect helpmate for her spouse.

  • An unfortunate love experience often makes them cold and somber.

Physical Appearance of Libra

  • Physical appearance of Libra natives is quite well balanced.

  • Librans are blessed with glowing skin, well-textured hair and great stamina.

  • Libra natives have nice features and pearly teeth.

  • Finely chiseled lips are one of the major attractive features of Libra natives.

  • Voice of Libra natives is usually soft, gentle and melodious.

  • Usually Libra natives have well-rounded foreheads. Their temples are quite broad.

  • Libra natives have great sense of styling. They often attract people with their great dressing sense.

Lucky Charms of Libra

  • Lucky Number: 6

  • Lucky Color: Pastel Colours

  • Lucky Flower: Rose

  • Lucky Day: Friday

  • Lucky Gemstones: Lapis Lazuli, Emerald, Beryl, Jade, Turquoise and Sapphire

  • Lucky Metal: Copper


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