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LeoFifth sign of zodiac is Leo, and it's symbol is a lion. Leo is considered the royal sign. It signifies leadership. Leo natives are usually courageous and honest. Everyone usually admires attractive personality of Leo natives. Dedication is the keyword for Leo natives.

  • Positive features of Leo are their honesty, broad-mind, loving nature, proud, enthusiasm, creativity and magnanimous.

  • On the other hand, negative features of Leo are their bossy attitude, snob, dogmatic, intolerant, bullying and pompous.

  • Major likings of Leo are their lavish living, rich food, children, drama and luxurious living.

  • The major dislike of Leo is narrow-minded people, self-centered and anything related to safety.

Leo Male

  • Leo males are usually happy and kindhearted people. They have high ambitions and great courage.

  • They would be a great lover also. They are one of the most faithful and loyal partners.

  • A wealthy Leo male may also become playboy or do not take things seriously.

  • Stubbornness is another major trait of Leo natives. It might be due to their demand for permanence in every aspect of life.

  • While looking out for partner, they prefer attractive and good-looking females.

  • Leo females are considered one of the most royal as compare to other zodiac signs.

  • Leo females are great combination of kind nature and great social qualities.

  • Leo females are one of the most loving, passionate and loyal partners.

  • If Leo females are scorned, they become bitter.

  • Leo woman loves to wear dazzling outfits. In the matter of appearance, word compromise does not exist in their dictionary.

  • Leo females are proficient in mental work than physical work. Leo women are great cook.

Love life of Leo

  • To retain the warmth and beauty of love, Leo looks out for continuous attention.

  • When Leo natives are in love, they are quite affectionate and supportive.

  • Leo natives are never scared of showing their love in public.

  • Leo man is highly emotional and has magnetic personality.

  • The positive features of Leo natives in love are protective, playful, generous, warm, supportive, sensual, joyful and inventive.

  • On the other hand, negative aspects of Leo in love are their possessiveness, jealousy, cold, cruelty, selfishness, and ego.

Physical Appearance of Leo

  • Natives of Leo are able to retain their youth till old age, as they are young by heart.

  • Leo natives are of average height, strong and have well-proportioned body.

  • Leo natives have healthy and ruddy complexion.

  • Leo natives have usually broad shoulders and well-shaped heads. Voice of Leo natives is usually strong and pleasant.

  • Eyes of Leo are fearless and commanding. Eyebrows are quite thick and attractive.

Lucky Charms of Leo

  • Lucky Number: 1

  • Lucky Color: Gold and Orange

  • Lucky Flower: Marigold

  • Lucky Day: Sunday

  • Lucky Gemstones: Amber, Tourmaline, Topaz, Ruby and Diamond

  • Lucky Metal: Gold


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