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GeminiThird sign of zodiac is Gemini, and it's symbol is a couple. It is also known as House of Communication. Gemini natives can be great storytellers, and communicators. Another name for Gemini is artist or inventor. General features of Gemini natives are impulsive, buoyant, communicative and extrovert.

  • The positive features of Gemini natives are their adaptability, versatility, communication, spontaneity, lively, youthful, amusing and logical.

  • On the other hand, negative features of Gemini are their changeability, restless, cunning, tense, nervous, gossiping, inquisitive and superficial.

  • The major likings of Gemini are talking, variety, novelty and various projects.

  • Gemini natives do not want to be alone or no mental work.

Gemini Male

  • Gemini male has fun loving approach towards life. They are usually social animals and love to have parties and entertainment.

  • Gemini men are usually intelligent and are gifted with great communication skills.

  • Gemini men usually attracted towards great combination of physical attraction with spiritual glow.

  • Gemini males usually have a preferences for arts. They choose career related to arts.

Gemini Female

  • Gemini females are known for their intelligence and modernity.

  • Gemini females are more entertaining as compare to other zodiac sign females. They can easily switch on from one conversation to other. This feature of Gemini females are usually love by everyone.

  • Frank nature of Gemini females make them easily approachable.

  • Gemini women are quite affectionate and impulsive. She is quite sensitive and gets hurt easily.

  • Gemini females are rarely satisfied with their accomplishments. Gemini females are usually witty, provocative and loveable.attractive of all other zodiac sign females.

Love life of Gemini

  • Matters related to heart are dealt in the liveliest manner.

  • During the most intimate situation, they offer wit and laughter.

  • Gemini individuals are quite intelligent and love freedom.

  • If you are looking for a long-term relationship then try to keep your Gemini mate busy and completely involved in your relationship.

  • Gemini is usually fast thinker and has many friends. They also looks out for partner who makes him keep guessing.

  • While talking about love and understanding, Gemini females are considered most complex.

  • The positive features of Gemini in love are good nature, broad mind, gentle, flexible, joyful, radiant and friendly.

  • On the other hand, negative features of Gemini are unreliability, fickle, insincerity, self centered, restlessness, short tempered and critical.

Physical Appearance of Gemini

  • Eyes of Gemini are usually light colored with dark lashes.

  • Chin of Gemini is usually well proportioned with a pointed jawline.

  • Gemini has usually childish facial expression accompanied with a sweet smile.

  • Gemini natives are also great dancers, as they are agile and love to have fun.

  • Gemini natives have usually fine-textured hair.

Lucky Charms of Gemini

  • Lucky Number: 5

  • Lucky Color: Yellow

  • Lucky Flower: Lily

  • Lucky Day: Wednesday

  • Lucky Gemstones: Jade, Aquamarine and Topaz

  • Lucky Metal: QuickSilver


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