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CancerFourth sign of zodiac is Cancer. Crab is the symbol of Cancer. Cancer sign is usually considered feminine. This sign usually comprises of foundation of human being. Cancer is also referred as House of Family and Home. It also an appropriate location of one’s personal roots. Natives of Cancer are able to make great judgments.

  • Positive features of Cancer natives are that they are kind, emotional, intuitive, cautious, shrewd, protective and sympathetic.

  • On the other hand, negative features of Cancer natives are moody, changeability, emotional, untidy, touchy and self pity.

  • The major likings of Cancer are hobbies, parties, children, country and home.

  • Cancer natives have major disliking for failure, tense situations and opposition.

Cancer Male

  • Cancer males are usually moody. But, they are usually not self-centered people.

  • Cancer males are quite emotional and they are always scared of losing their loved ones.

  • Cancer males are immensely romantic. They are not confident about their attractiveness.

  • Cancer males are usually good husbands and love children.

  • Cancer males usually avoid serious or long-term commitments.

  • While dealing with emotional matters, cancer men are acts in a subjective manner.

Cancer Female

  • Cancer female has high regards for marriage. She may give up a passionate romantic affair for a more suitable marriage.

  • Cancer women have the tendency to mother their husband or boyfriend.

  • As compare to any other woman of zodiac, Cancer female is more seductive.

  • Cancer females are immensely sensitive and jealous.

  • One of the major skills of Cancer women is music. Cancer women are quite artistic by nature.

Love life of Cancer

  • Cancer natives have strong feelings. They love passionately and always.

  • Cancer natives believe in a dreamy romance. Thus, their love affair has more romance as than physical attraction.

  • When a cancer male is in love, he would be quite sympathetic and kindhearted. He is always ready to share with his beloved.

  • The positive features of Cancer in love are their loyalty, support, care, faithfulness, adoring and tender.

  • On the other hand, negative features of Cancer in love are jealousy, depression, possessiveness, and volatile moody.

Physical Appearance of Cancer

  • Among all the zodiac signs, Cancer natives are most attractive. On the other hand, they are not confident about their good looks.

  • Upper body of Cancer natives is larger as compare to lower body. Plumpness is the key feature of Cancer natives.

  • Cancer natives have usually broad shoulders, along with small feet.

  • Face of Cancer natives is usually round as well as charming.

  • Dramatic art and music are major skills of Cancer natives.

Lucky Charms of Cancer

  • Lucky Number: 2

  • Lucky Color: Silvery gray

  • Lucky Flower: Silvery gray

  • Lucky Day: Monday

  • Lucky Gemstones: Moonstone, Cats-eye, crystals and pearl

  • Lucky Metal: Silver


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