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AriesZodiac sign begins with Aries. It is the very first sign. Ram is the symbol of Aries. It represents courage. Aries signifies the beginning or dawn. It is also known as season of spring. It is also famous as pioneer or warrior. Aries is also known as House of Self.

  • The positive features of Aries are adventurous, confident, dynamic, freedom and courageous.

  • The negative features of Aries are short-temper, impatient, undiplomatic and self-centered.

  • People born under Aries like action, challenge and spontaneity. Aries usually have a disliking for failure, tyranny and waiting.

Aries Male

  • Aries male usually love excitement. They are quite ambitious and hardworking. But, one of the major faults of Aries is their contradictory nature. Aries males are quite masculine, so they look out for spouse having features of female.

  • Aries men always wanted to be the center of attraction for their beloved. They love to be flattered. Aries male is quite bossy as a husband and loves to dominate. On the other hand, Aries man is quite caring and affectionate for his family.

  • Aries men could be a great lawyer as well as judge.

  • In the matter of finances, Aries male are immensely successful.

Aries Female

  • Aries female love challenges. Aries female loves making intelligent friends. They are hard to dominate.

  • Love is not the ultimate destination of Aries female. She can also live without partner.

  • Aries female will be a great wife for ambitious male.

  • Aries female have a usual liking for well-mannered, cultured and educated men.

  • Jealousy one of the major negative traits of Aries female.

  • Aries females are known for their great will power and confidence.

Love life of Aries

  • Charming and loving nature of Aries is always admired by opposite sex. Aries have a passionate nature and love intensely. Expressing love is quite tough for them.

  • Passion, fun, devotion and protection are a few major positive features of Aries in love.

  • On the other hand, fickle-mind, ego, jealousy and possessiveness are major negative features of Aries in love.

Physical Appearance of Aries

  • Aries have usually broad shoulders and are tall. They are quite strong have great built and elongated face.

  • Aries have usually broad shoulders and are tall. They are quite strong have great built and elongated face.

  • Complexion of Aries is usually fair and having sandy colored hair.

  • Aries natives are also short and have robust built. They have dark hair and have open pored complexion.

  • Aries are usually charming, noble and attractive. They have a sympathetic and warm heart.

Lucky Charms of Aries

  • Lucky Number: 9

  • Lucky Color: Crimson or Deep red

  • Lucky Flower: Geranium

  • Lucky Day: Tuesday

  • Lucky Gemstones: Ruby, Garnet, Amethyst and Topaz.

  • Lucky Metal: Iron


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