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AquariusAquarius is the eleventh sign of zodiac. Symbol of Aquarius is man with a pitcher. They are usually shy and lively. Aquarius natives are quite systematic and organized. Aquarius natives have a little dry sense of humor, but they are quite funny. Aquarius loves to meditate while sitting lonely. Ego is one of the major drawbacks of Aquarius.

  • Major positive features of Aquarius are playful, frank, broad minded, devoted, liberal, understanding, tolerant and friendly.

  • Major negative features of Aquarius are being erratic, selfish, mean, fickle and cold.

  • Aquarius simply hates possessiveness, ego, ridiculed, inequality, jealousy, non-judgmental and violence.

Aquarius Male

  • Aquarian males are great friends. They have the caliber to make friends even out of enemies.

  • Aquarian males never disclose their hidden feelings.

  • Aquarius males have high ambitions and are quite idealistic.

  • Aquarius males are one of the most gentle of all the zodiac signs.

  • Aquarius males often wed late in their life.

  • Children hold a special place in the heart of Aquarius males.

Aquarius Female

  • Aquarius females are considered as one of the most faithful of all other zodiac signs.

  • Aquarius females are one of the best partners, as they are loyal and faithful.

  • Aquarius female is quite romantic by heart.

  • Money is the secondary factor for Aquarius females.

  • Aquarius females never suspect their partner. This quality makes them one of the most admired souls on earth.

  • Aquarius females hate jealous and narrow-minded people.

  • Aquarius females are not over protective about their kids.

Love life of Aquarius

  • Aquarius looks out for intelligent spouse.

  • Aquarius natives hate dominating their spouses.

  • Romantic lives of Aquarius natives start a little late. They keep their partners running around them.

  • If your partner is not loyal then you will leave him/her without thinking twice.

  • Aquarius natives have high concentration and understanding.

Physical Appearance of Aquarius

  • Aquarius natives are usually tall and have well-proportioned body.

  • Face of Aquarius natives is usually oval with a fair complexion and charming personality.

  • Aquarius usually has brown hair.

  • Aquarius natives often face problem related to teeth.

  • On the calf muscle, Aquarius usually has a mole or scar.

Lucky Charms of Aquarius

  • Lucky Number: 3, 9, 2 and 7

  • Lucky Color: Yellow, Red and White

  • Lucky Flower: Orchid

  • Lucky Day: Wednesday

  • Lucky Gemstones: Ruby and Diamond

  • Lucky Metal: Aluminum


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